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At Mersa Technology, we understand the significant importance of agricultural production for both humans and animals. With our expert team, we work towards the necessary measures for agricultural development.

One of our primary focuses is on the impact of fertilizers on agricultural productivity and food safety. Our products are suitable for use in all agricultural areas, including fields, greenhouses, and gardens. We provide you with agricultural tools and equipment that work as your team mate, ensuring the best possible yield.

We represent leading seed companies in the industry as we recognize that a high-quality seed is the first step in achieving a successful harvest.

Additionally, we offer a wide range of irrigation tools and equipment to meet your specific irrigation requirements in the agricultural sector.

In addition to our agricultural tools and equipment, we also offer crop spraying drones that provide efficient and effective crop protection. Our crop spraying drones have several advantages over traditional crop spraying methods. These drones are equipped with advanced technology that ensures precise and targeted application of pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides, which leads to increased efficiency and reduced environmental impact. Our crop spraying drones also eliminate the need for manual labor, which saves time and reduces labor costs. With our crop spraying drones, farmers can increase their crop yields while reducing their costs, making them an excellent investment for any agricultural operation.

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GT 4.0

Next Generation Agricultural Spraying Solution



As Mersa Technology, we provide pioneering services in the agricultural sector. By using the latest technologies in agricultural spraying processes, we both protect natural resources and increase productivity. Together with our expert agricultural engineers, we offer special solutions by understanding the needs of agricultural enterprises in the best way. In addition, thanks to our drones, we ensure that agricultural lands are analysed accurately and unnecessary costs can be avoided.

Automation in Agriculture

Automation tools such as automatic irrigation systems, precision agriculture technologies, drones, and autonomous tractors are used to efficiently carry out farming operations while reducing costs and minimizing environmental impacts.

Plant Health Software with AI

AI algorithms can analyze visual data to diagnose plant diseases and provide real-time recommendations for plant health. This technology is used to increase productivity, improve disease control, and reduce production costs in plant production.

Pesticides and Fertilisers

Using precision agriculture technologies, optimizes the use of fertilizers and pesticides by ensuring they are applied at the right time and in the right place, thereby promoting plant health and reducing costs.


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